Whatever your piece, We put it together….
Our consulting services help align organizational goals, people, tools and technology with best-practices in software processes to deliver measurable outcomes and benefits. Enpower Process Consultants provides customized services with predefined deliverables for a fixed price and delivers within a fixed time-period - all of which is defined upfront in the proposal. In order to make estimates more accurate, most services require initial scoping service or more commonly referred to as the “Gap Analysis”
Leveraging Industry Best Practices and Vast Hands-on Experience
Enpower Process Consultants Pvt. Ltd. delivers highly specialized services under its Process Consulting Practice. This practice is geared to provide a broad range of services in the area of process development, enhancement and implementation. We leverage our comprehensive knowledge in the area of software and IT process improvement to deliver these services. Customers benefit from industry best practices and our own experience gained from large number of customer engagements spanning several years across many industries and technology platforms. We work closely with our customers to enhance and deploy these processes, improve related methodologies and deliver value-adding services. Our consultants work closely with your process and project teams as well as your external consultants to ensure existing practices are blended in our deliverables.
Tailoring Industry Methodologies and Quality Frameworks
We tailor and assist project teams adopt methodologies and frameworks like ITIL and COBIT. All services outlined here can be specialized for such methodologies and frameworks. In addition to development and enhancing your processes based on industry best practices, we also assist in aligning your processes to industry quality and control frameworks (CMMI, ISO, ITIL, COBIT, etc.).
Information Security and you
At Enpower Process Consultants Pvt. Ltd., we have built the expertise to guide your organization through the build and establishment of an “Information Security Management System” along the guidelines of ISO 27001:2005. We help define your Risk Plan,  derive your Statement of Applicability and deploy Applicable controls.
Making Processes Real and Effective by Automation
We believe that greatest value lies in deploying the processes in effective and automated fashion wherever possible. Our services are geared to help you in the evaluation and selection of process automation and tools suitable for your customized needs. This combined with process enactment templates and tools, coupled with our process implementation services; help you implement the process in a logical, quick, cost-effective and automated manner
Whatever your piece, We put it together…. The Improvment Catalysts