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Investment & Banking
Operational Efficiency in Capital Management is hitherto an oft neglected aspect of Businesses.
Enpower endeavors to find and evaluate viable and solid investment options either in Equity or Debt instruments. Add to it,  the rigor that we add to evaluation and terms makes Enpower’s solution portfolio suitable for all enterprises looking to grow or recover
Our key services on offer are:
Equity / Debt: Enpower facilitates Equity / Debt syndication in Listed / Unlisted companies in the sunrise segment.
Due Diligence : Enpower provides technical and financial due diligence services for investors. 
Financial restructuring: Enpower leverages its relationship with Multi-national banks to provide Restructuring finance to sick units needing financial restructuring to revive and recover.
Angel investment: Enpower facilitates angel investment for start-up outfits backed by a solid business plan.
Whatever your piece, We put it together…. The Improvment Catalysts